Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grounds for Murder

Full disclosure. "Grounds for Murder" is published by my own publisher, MuseItUp Publishing. I purchased this book myself and I was not asked to do a review.

First things first. The title is awesome. Cover art? Absolutely rocking.

I openly admit that I haven't read much mystery since high school, so I'm quite rusty on the genre. I'm not sure how it's supposed to read, how character development should be, and so on.

I'm used to character-driven novels, so this book threw me for a loop. It is plot-driven and I found myself only caring about "how done it" as opposed to the main character. Perhaps I went in with the wrong expectations?

Plot-wise, I enjoyed the story enough to finish to the end. In fact, I read half of it in the bath and put it aside. I came back to it an hour later because I was curious to see how it would end. As someone who gets bored easily in plot-driven novels, it says a lot that I wanted to keep reading.

I wasn't a fan of the characters. For me, they were not developed enough. I wasn't sure who the main character of the story was until chapter 2. If you are expecting a plot-driven story, this probably won't bother you. It did bother me, however.

There was one thing that really bugged me: the obsession with lawsuits. I'm Canadian and I know we joke up here about Americans and their law suits. But, in all seriousness, do people really threaten each other all of the time with libel suits? It was rather strange for me.

I'd recommend this to people who are used to plot-driven stories and who are looking for an amateur sleuth story that can be finished in an evening.

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  1. Somehow I get the feeling that this was a plot-driven story. *lol* Couldn't resist Krista, but I like that you have a review site. I may do the same as I am considering abandoning

  2. I repeated myself because a lot of SF&F is character-driven, especially urban and paranormal fantasy. That's where I'm coming from. This was so different from what I'm used to reading. And the stuff I read as a teenager, well, generally had a lot of gun and stuff in it because I was really into violence as a teen...and as an adult...and anyway. What were we talking about?

    Ironically, the fact that this being a plot-driven story (grin) isn't a bad thing against the story. I wanted to keep reading it to see whodunit, which is a good thing for a mystery book. I just wanted to keep reading for the whodunit, not because I liked the characters. This was a really weird place to find myself.