Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Killer Valentine Ball

Full disclosure. "The Killer Valentine Ball" is published by my own publisher, MuseItUp Publishing. I purchased this book myself and I was not asked to do a review.

Vital Statistics:
Author: C. A. Verstraete
Pages: 15
Light Horror 
MuseItUp Publishing

A party at a day camp; a blind date on Valentine's Day. Can you say loser?, Jess thinks. But this is no ordinary party. The Killer Valentine Ball has more thrills than Jess ever expected--or will ever forget.

I'm not a huge horror reader. Okay, I really don't like it at all. However, the description said "light horror", so I figured I could give it a try. I'm glad I did. I really liked this piece.

It's short. I read it in less time than it took for the bath water to turn cold. However, I think that's the charm of this piece. It wouldn't work as a long novel, but does succeeds on the small scale.

I can't give it full marks because I was really annoyed at the main character, Jessica, in the opening scene. Perhaps it's my upbringing, but any man who makes any unwanted physical contact with my body generally ends up with his fingers broken. I let it go, and am glad I did. However, I would have at least liked a bit more about how annoyed she was or something...instead she just reapplies her lip gloss. That got my blood up a bit.

ebook comment: Page 1 and 3 are blank on the epub version. You aren't missing anything; those seem to be just spaces between the cover page and the publisher info pages. I did report it to the publisher, however, as it really freaked me out upon first reading. Blank pages are scary on an ereader!

This short story is a great price at $0.99. Best for those who don't mind a tiny bit of gore and are looking for a quick and satisfying end. 

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