Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beyond Reach by Rebecca M. Senese

Beyond Reach by Rebecca M. Senese
Science Fiction

Back of the Book Blurb:

Nadia is an Assassin, designed, built and trained to kill. Running from her owners, the Gemini Corporation, stranded on a space station, she is hunted by a tracker named Devon. The easiest thing would be to kill him. But Nadia is desperate to resist her nature and as Devon closes in, she fights against her overwhelming urge to kill.
I really enjoyed this novella, both in terms of the writing style and the plot itself. It was a little twisted and had a darkness to it that often doesn't translate well in science fiction of this length, however the author really pulls it off. I enjoyed this story a lot and fully recommend lovers of dark SF to pick it up.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Taking of Dove by Marie Kulhane

The Taking of Dove by Marie Kulhane
Published by Cobblestone Press, 2008
Novella-length, M/M erotica

Back of the book blurb:

Lonely centuries ago the one who made him named him Hawk and sought from him a soul bond.  But soul bonds are a myth and no vampire knows that better than Hawk.

Then a hunting party returns with unexpected prey, a blond who he names Dove and who arouses a desire other than his hunger for blood.  Hawk can only delay his death for a few days.  Unless he makes him a vampire, but only a fool would try to bond--again.

The Taking of Dove was the first gay erotica I'd ever read. I picked it up because I had just met Marie and wanted to support her, since she'd really helped me with a lot of newbie writing questions well back in the day. And while I'm still not a religious follower of m/m erotica, I definitely see the appeal of both the genre and especially this book.

One of the best things about this book is that sex isn't demonized nor moralized. It just is sex. I found that incredibly refreshing at the time, after having read a number of books that did one or the other. Also, I liked the actual plot of this book. I had the misconception that erotica just meant page after page of mindless sex. That might be the case for some erotica out there, but definitely not this book. The plot and story is intelligent, honest, and real. The characters are full of pain, hurt, fears, and all of the things that I want in a well-rounded, solid main character.

Hawk is a great alpha male, with great emotional development. I was very impressed with him from the start and liked him early on. It look me longer to warm up to Dove, but he was well-matched in the relationship.

Overall, several years later, I still rank this book in the top m/m erotica I've read.