The Assassin Team

Krista "The Zombie Assassin" Ball

Sleepless eReader was started by Krista D. Ball, a speculative fiction author living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Her signature style is taking common cliches and themes and giving them a good shake. She also enjoys shaking people, zombies, and vampires. Exercise is key to a long life.

Interested in learning more about Krista and her works? Head on over to her author's blog. Zombies not welcome.

Zita, aka "The Blade"

Zita is an event manager at a Canadian university located in the maritimes. She is proficient with most knives and earned, during her time in the military reserves, an award for handgun marksmanship. She reads (a lot) and enjoys acting out the goriest scenes in her favourite horror and mystery stories. Fortunately, living in the Great White North means there is loads of room to hide the bodies.

The Blade also has her own book review blog. Check it out! Or else.

Tina "Swift Hands" Hunter

Tina is a fiction author by trade and primarily writes and reads in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres; however she’s been known to dabble in horror, general fiction, YA and women’s fiction. She's been published in several anthologies, even edited a couple, and participated in some unique collaborative writing adventures (Choose Your Own Adventure anyone?).

Tina enjoys hiking, spending time with her fur-babies, and killing zombies with a rattans (short sticks used in the martial art Kali). She was disappointed when she found out that the Assassin Team only kills zombies and stupid peoples; she was hoping Sparkly Vampires would be on that list too but she can understand how that could be bad for business.

For more information on Tina, check out her writing website at