About Sleepless eReader

On my author's blog, www.kristadball.com/blog, I did a blog post about how writers need to support small presses, especially the ones that we all love. Now, I have nothing against the big guys. I'm a huge fan of Roc, for example. However, small presses are often where new authors get started and I think it's important that we give those houses a little extra exposure.

At the same time, I was searching for review sites that would review Harvest Moon. Many would not because it was digital. They didn't have ereaders, they didn't like reading on a computer. Many just assumed I was self-published and rejected me out of hand. It was quite frustrating.

I read a lot of small press works and decided to start a review site for them. I admit that I read in binges, where I drop 10 or 15 books in a month, and then don't touch any for a few. I will try my best to stagger the reviews out so that they are a little more consistent.

I hope you enjoy the site and find some new books and authors to enjoy.